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The other night I decided to drop in on a show that featured a couple of tribute bands. Doing the tribute band thing is usually not my deal. Yet being a drummer myself I would personally toy with the idea of involving my efforts on a tribute project. So that night at the Uptown in Oakland, CA I decided to give Spellbound, a tribute band to Siouxsie and the Banshees a whirl. The tribute band would feature three forty something’s on guitar, bass, and drums, who during the course of the show would reveal themselves as absolutely kick ass musicians especially the drummer. Fronting the band playing the ambitious roll of Siouxsie Sioux is an aesthetically spellbinding twenty something who was spectacularly talented. A funny thing happened during the show; as if one where lucky enough to be victim of a lightning strike I became incredibly aware of how good these musicians really where. They reflected their love and adoration for Siouxsie and the Banshees by not only the pinpoint precision that they accurately played their songs but slightly nuanced the songs live as if they were the Banshees themselves. It is at this point where they really took off as an incredible tribute act. The drummer struck me the most, as I positioned myself under the monitor the pounding syncopated beat hypnotically carved away physically at my heart – I was truly spellbound! If anyone where to undertake a tribute project themselves they would be immensely served to check out Spellbound, they are the standard of tribute bands.

Courtesy of Jason Rivera
Monday, December 24, 2007



Though Siouxsie and the Banshees officially disbanded in 1996, the seminal post-punk goth band has gained enough cult status to warrant a successful live tribute band in Spellbound. Backed by Orlando Cerecedes on guitar, Buz Deadwax on bass and Aleph Kali on drums, the act is as much about eyeliner as it is about recreating the Banshees’ distinctly moody art-punk stylings, heavy on the textured atmospherics. Wear black.

Courtesy Jessica Fromm
April 16-22, 2007


Miscellaneous comments we’ve received via LJ, MySpace, email, etc. …

  • “I never thought it was possible to sound this much like Siouxsie without actually being her. AMAZING!!!”
  • “Fronted by a dead-on lookalike for Siouxsie Sioux, Spellbound is much more than a Banshees tribute band. They are incredible.”
  • “… no way, it must be Siouxsie herself”
  • “Great show at the Red Devil guys! Awesome. AWE-SOME!”
  • “This is a great cover band. your voice bears an uncanny to Siouxsie’s!”
  • “As much as I love Siouxsie – your voice sounds exactly like hers only …. much better xx”
  • “Holy CHRIST, girl, you sound fucking FABULOUS!!!! I’m sorry I haven’t seen you guys yet…maybe Halloween season? Man: just GOOD!”
  • “Cleopatra Records called, they want their eyebrows back.”
  • “Wonderfull show tonight. A few of the songs were so close they made my nuts shrink up! Keep it up!”
  • “Holy cow! Wowee! You guys ROQUE !”
  • “Mini skirts and high stages are an awesome combination.”
  • “Spellbound: 3 men and a baby”